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The patient is unstable in the Romberg position, cannot perform a knee-heel test (touch the opposite knee with the elbow); Violation of coordination in the hands, which is accompanied by a miss during the finger-nose test, tremor of Celebrex hands, impaired handwriting; Slurred speech, or dysarthria; One of the earliest symptoms is a decrease (or loss) of tendon reflexes from the lower extremities: knee and Achilles. Sometimes this sign appears several years before the onset of other neurological disorders. With the progression of the disease, reflexes of the upper limbs are also lost: flexion-elbow, extensor-elbow, carporadial. Total areflexia develops; Violation of deep sensitivity: vibrational and joint-muscular feeling. With closed eyes, disorders in the Romberg position increase, the patient cannot determine the direction of passive movement of the limb (for example, with the patient’s eyes closed, the doctor flexes or unbends any finger or foot. A patient with Friedreich’s ataxia cannot determine which finger the doctor took and in in which direction is the movement going?

For the objectivity of Celecoxib 200mg/100mg pills, the patient necessarily undergoes a consultation with several doctors: an endocrinologist, an ophthalmologist, an orthopedist, a cardiologist.

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In most cases, this allows the patient to lead an active lifestyle for a long time and avoid complications. For the treatment of Friedreich's ataxia, metabolic drugs are prescribed, which are of three types: mitochondrial respiratory function stimulants; celebrex - drugs that slow down oxidation; cofactors for enzyme reactions. Drugs that nourish the heart muscle and improve its metabolism may also be prescribed.

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In some cases, it is necessary to take butolotoxin, a drug that eliminates muscle spasms. Exercise therapy is considered an important link in the treatment. Particular attention is paid to muscle training and coordination of movements. Properly selected set of exercises helps to get rid of pain during movement.

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Decreased muscle tone; In advanced stages, paresis (weakness) and muscle atrophy develop. Weakness extends from the lower extremities to the upper ones. Skills of self-service are gradually lost; Possible dysfunction of the pelvic organs (incontinence or urinary retention); Sometimes symptoms of brain damage join: nystagmus (eyelid trembling), hearing impairment, mental weakness, optic nerve atrophy.

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Extraneural manifestations of the disease: Most patients have many of the above symptoms. Usually, a little more than 20 years pass from the moment of the initial manifestations of ataxia to death. The cause of death is pulmonary or heart failure, associated infectious complications.